Whether it’s the mafia, yakuza, or just your mates that you’re hauling, the new Brabus Maybach V12 will get you there in comfort and style.

Is it possible to blend outright brawn with plush luxury, in a way that doesn’t compromise on either? Brabus thinks so, which is why they’ve given the world this: the 850. This new Brabus Maybach V12 creation might be a modified car, but as is the case with every Brabus product, it boasts an OEM level of engineering quality. Interested? Let’s dive straight into the detail…

Brabus 850 Maybach interior

Brabus Maybach V12 engine specs

Truth be told, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this car. It debuted back at Brabus’ Signature Night, but at that stage details about the car were few and far between. Now though, the wraps have come off.

To earn its official ‘Brabus 850’ title, this Maybach has been tuned to crank out 850 horsepower. For context, the stock Maybach S 680 that this car is based on ‘only’ produces 621hp. That’s quite the hike!

Brabus 850 engine

Brabus has taken various measures to achieve that impressive feat. The biggest headline is that they’ve gone through the effort of increasing the stock car’s engine displacement, from 6.0 liters to 6.3. As such, the V12’s left with a bore and stroke of 83mm and 90mm respectively. Further performance mods include a beefier set of twin turbos. Naturally, the rest of the engine’s internals have been strengthened, and the ECU has been remapped, to ensure the car can handle its own power.

Happily, Brabus is content enough with its reliability to now release it into the public, meaning that if you’ve got six figures in your bank account, you could have an express limousine with 850hp and 1033lb ft of torque on tap. All that grunt flows through the Maybach’s 9-speed automatic transmission to vault you to 60mph in just four seconds, which is pretty swift for something that tips the scales just shy of 3 tons.

Brabus 850 Maybach rear

Aesthetic & Aero Flourishes

If you’re a fan of the Japanese VIP-style builds that are popular within some circles of the modified scene, you’ll probably love this. Aesthetic tweaks include a front splitter and accompanying attachments for the side air intakes. Form is important to Brabus, but function is too, and as such these elements help reduce lift forces imposed on the front axle at high speeds, giving better stability. On top of that, airflow improvements help to make the radiator more efficient and cool the brakes better too.

Brabus 850 Maybach rear interior

At the back of the car, you’ll find a carbon fiber diffuser and black enamel tailpipes, the latter of which is the cherry on top of Brabus’ bespoke exhaust system. The forged wheels are bespoke to Brabus too, and measure a whopping 22 inches in diameter. The German tuning house claims that these new shoes improve the Maybach’s handling, and one other fresh feature which should help to do that is the new control module for the car’s air suspension. At the push of a button, you can lower the ride height by 20mm, helping you to keep it planted through the bends or at high velocity, or to just look cooler when parked.

The cost of such opulence? 549,020.78 euros, which at the time of writing equates to around $602,500 or £473,000. Now THOSE are VIP price tags.