The Nissan Sentra DET Concept makes up a quarter of NISMO’s SEMA fleet this year, and to us it’s arguably the most interesting. Here’s all you need to know.

For this year’s edition of SEMA, NISMO are rolling into Las Vegas with a strong quartet of modified vehicles. Amongst them, is this, the Nissan Sentra DET Concept. On the surface, it looks like a lightly spruced-up Sentra, not too dissimilar from one you might find at a local car meet. But peer beneath the exterior, and you’ll see that there’s a whole lot more going on.

Sentra DET Concept has a manual gearbox.

Powertrain Mods

First things first, there’s a stick shift. Yep, you can’t have a manual gearbox in your Nissan Z NISMO, yet you can find one in this Sentra SEMA concept. Oh, Nissan, you tease. This is particularly interesting in regards to the Sentra though, because as standard these cars only get a CVT. As such, a fair amount of development work must have gone into making this manual transmission come to fruition. That in turn sparks the question as to whether it’s something we can expect in a possible future sporty Sentra model.

Adding to the interest is the engine itself. If you’re a Nissan afficionado, you might recognize the ‘DET’ from elsewhere, for example, added on to the end of the RB26 and SR20 engine codes. That’s because, In Nissan speak, DET stands for ‘Dual overhead cam Electronic fuel injection Turbo’. As such, this Sentra’s running forced induction under the hood, namely in the form of a Garrett G25 660 turbocharger (with accompanying intercooler). There’s also a blow-off valve from Turbosmart. To deal with the consequent power gains, NISMO has really gone to town with the engine’s internals. The rods, pistons, injectors, and fuel pump have all been overhauled, as has plenty else.

rear of Sentra DET Concept

To transmit the power through to the wheels, the Sentra DET Concept also comes packing a Quaife ATB limited-slip differential, and McLeod lightweight flywheel & clutch.

For now, it’s all deemed to be nothing more than a proof of potential, but if Nissan were to put a similar model to market, we reckon it’d be punching alongside the likes of the base model Acura Integra and Civic Si.

Sentra DET Concept indoors

Styling & Interior

Besides the comprehensively-reworked mechanics, there’s plenty of other stuff going on here too. That striking black and red livery is complemented by carbon wing mirror covers and NISMO LM-RS6 rims, showcased in either bronze or black. Behind those wheels, you’ll find brake rotors and calipers off a Nissan Z, while suspension comes in the form of NISMO B18 coilovers and sway bars, which for now remain in their prototype stage. Inside, Recaro Sportster CS seats and Nismo urethane shift knob give the cabin a suitably performance-oriented feel.

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