Every major aftermarket auto brand is rolling into Las Vegas this week for SEMA, including NISMO. If you want a sneak peek at this year’s Nissan SEMA show cars, take a look below…

SEMA is like Christmas if you’re a modified car nerd like me. It’s the time of year where all the biggest names in the scene gather in one place to show off their new products, or new project cars in their entirety. In fact, we asked one of our local reporters to compile his best SEMA cars of all time, so check that story out if you want to get in the SEMA spirit. It’s not just American domestics that you’ll find at SEMA though. These days, there are an equal number – if not greater number – of imports, whether they be from the Far East or just across the pond. These NISMO offerings are an example of the former, albeit constructed by the Japanese marque’s US division. So, let’s see what the official Nissan projects entail this year…

2023 Nissan SEMA Show Cars

Forsberg's Frontier

Forsberg’s Frontier Off-Road Race Truck

It’s only natural that professional driver (and long-term Nissan affiliate) Chris Forsberg was part of this year’s NISMO SEMA contingent. However, instead of burning rubber in a specialized drift Z, multiple FD champ Forsberg has got a very different type of vehicle at his disposal. This Nissan Frontier has been beefed up in order to tackle the harsh world of cross-country off-road races, and in fact, it’s already completed its first event – the NORRA 500, in Baja, California. With Forsberg at the wheel, it predictably won its class.

Under the hood, much of this Frontier is bone stock. Instead, its within the arches and on the exterior where you’ll find the modifications. It’s running an official NISMO suspension lift kit, as well as a bunch of other ‘off-roady’ visual parts like the roof rack, floodlights, and so on – all of which you can buy for your own Frontier in the future.

*Believe it or not, that isn’t the real Chris Forsberg standing in front of the truck. Either that, or he’s very good at standing still…

Safari Rally Z tribute

Safari Rally Z Tribute

The headliner amongst NISMO’s array of vehicles this year is arguably the Safari Rally Z Tribute. As its name suggests, this lifted Nissan Z is an homage to the old Datsun 240Z rally car, even sharing the same color scheme.

It features several aftermarket NISMO powertrain parts including a twin-disc clutch & flywheel, cat-back exhaust, heat exchanger, cold air intake, and carbon rocker cover, but the kicker is the AMS tune, which raises power above the 400hp-mark. Naturally, a rally car needs good suspension as well as a good engine, and on the Safari Z, that comes in the form of KW coilovers with a 2-inch raised ride height. It’s also packing the control arms, rod ends and links that are available in the NISMO catalogue.

To complete the package, NISMO has outsourced some of the responsibility to Tommy Pike Customs, which is the organization that’s developed the car’s braking system, as well as its exterior add-ons.

project rugged rogue

Project Rugged Rogue

Project Rugged Rogue is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a Nissan Rogue that’s been modified to become more… rugged. In addition to its 3-inch lift kit and prototype NISMO off-road wheels, this Rogue is sporting a “topographical” wrap, plus fender flares and a rear wing made from carbon fiber. Bumper guards and rock rails help to protect it from the terrain, while features such as a rooftop canopy, mounts for both a kayak and bike, and additional lighting allows it to accentuate its owner’s outdoorsy lifestyle.

Nissan display at SEMA

Nissan Sentra DET Concept

This one’s the dark horse of the quartet; the car which is unlikely to get as much press coverage, but is actually deeply intriguing if you’re a driving enthusiast. Let’s face it, the Sentra model doesn’t have as much sporting prestige as it could, and perhaps should, have. However, this DET Concept goes a long way to righting that. We’ve dedicated a whole article to this car, so to learn more about it, be sure to read that next.