We’ve whittled down the applications to 10, now it’s your chance to vote for your favourite and find the UK’s top tuned car, with three winners joining us at Autosport International for free in January 2023! 

Featuring vehicles from across the UK’s tuned car scene, the Performance and Tuning Car Show is back bigger than ever for 2023. While hundreds of modified cars will descend on Birmingham’s NEC this January 12-15, we’re looking to bring along three of the UK’s top tuned cars to display at the event and now it’s up to your to vote for your favourite.

The initial application process is now closed, and with the help of our friends over at Autosport International, we’ve narrowed the selection down to 10 of the UK’s top tuned cars. Now we need your help in selecting three winners, so get voting below for your favourite!

It wasn’t easy whittling down the applications to just 10, and the sheer mix of yesteryear builds like the Mk1 Golf and Mk1 Ford Cortina, alongside ‘90s JDM gems in the form of a JZX100 Toyota Chaser, R33 Skyline, and bang-up-to-date hot hatches like the Audi RS3 and BMW X4M Competition made it even harder. The UK truly offers such a diverse range of builds that cements just how popular car tuning and customisation is in 2022. And it’s something we can’t wait to celebrate at the Performance and Tuning Car Show, which runs alongside Autosport International, this January at Birmingham’s NEC. Without further ado, here are the UK’s top 10 tuned cars. Select your favourite and enter your email address to vote, you’ll then receive an email from PitBox91 in order to confirm your vote.

Ben Whibley, Autosport International event director, commented: “We’ve received many applications from hobby project owners, varying from tuned ‘90s classics to the newest sports cars, all turned into individual projects with hundreds of hours of love and attention. We’re proud to announce the top ten list of selected modified cars, featuring a range of cars from different eras, all improved and customised by their owners. And now it’s your turn to reveal the final winners – the top three cars to be featured at the Performance and Tuning Car Show in January 2023!”

Now, it’s all in the public’s hands. Tuning fans can vote above, or head to wishpondpages.com/lp/2707666/ to vote for their favourite car. The voting will be open between the 7th and 30th of November 2022, with the final top three revealed at the Performance and Tuning Car Show show. The winners will be revealed during the public days of the show (14th – 15th January 2023). Terms and conditions apply.

The Performance and Tuning Car Show, as part of Autosport International, will take place between 12th and 15th January 2023 at the NEC in Birmingham. Tickets are available to buy now at https://www.autosportinternational.com/.