Pimp My Ride, the noughties TV show that we all loved to hate, is set to make a sudden comeback later this month.

Aired during the heyday of MTV, the American original rode off the back of the Fast & Furious wave to become a pillar of 2000s car culture; its theme tune etched into our brains forever.

Back then it was Xzibit and the crew at West Coast Customs that turned automotive pipe dreams into reality, but now, there’s a new team to turn to if your wheels ain’t fly.

British rapper Lady Leshurr will be the one tasked with hyping up bemused car owners, while the handiwork will be conducted by London’s Wrench Studios.

Lady Leshurr and eBay are set to take centre stage in the new series of Pimp My Ride

In the past, Pimp My Ride was known for the wackiest mods out there. We’re talking ludicrous stuff from chocolate fondue boot builds, to downright atrocities such as an E36 front end swap… on a Ford Escort.

Now though, with eBay’s corporate watchful eye – and significant sponsorship money – added into the mix, we can expect a new high brow element to be shoehorned in.

A lot has been made of the fact that each of the projects featured will use ‘green’ parts, sourced from eBay’s recycled (pre-used) OEM and aftermarket stock list. Indeed, expect plenty of tenuous environmental claims to be made as commercial giant eBay saves the world, one straight pipe at a time.

A Mitsubishi 3000GT set to feature in Pimp My Ride

That said, one glance at the car list set to be involved, and all concerns that this will be anything other than a bit of fun are put to rest.

The headline act is set to be a 1992 Mitsubishi GTO (or 3000GT to you and me), as seen in a controversial shade of pink. Meanwhile, a classic ’66 Beetle is also set to go under the butcher’s knife. Comic relief should be provided elsewhere in spades though, with a sorry-looking Vauxhall Zafira set to be put through its paces as well as a tired ice cream van, and small selection of superminis.

The new six-part series drops on Friday 19th August, over on MTV UK’s YouTube channel. If I were you, I’d get the popcorn at the ready…