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Ultimate Dubs 2013

Ultimate Dubs 2013

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 12th March 2013

Ultimate Dubs smashes up Telford

The Ultimate Dubs team are passionate about the car scene, and every year they dedicate themselves to putting on the best event possible. And this year they smashed it once again!

Cars travelled from far and wide to hit the event, with people making the drive from Austria, Belgium and, erm… even Birmingham. Ultimate Dubs 2013 even welcomed a fair few VW fans from the States. Obviously they flew there though…

UD is ridiculously good value, and 2013’s show had people queuing out the door, so we were glad we turned up early.

And for those that made the annual trip across to Telford for Ultimate Dubs, it was well worth it to see some of the best VWs in the whole god damn world.

Anyway, that’s enough of our jibba jabba. Check out some of our favourite snaps and look out for our full 2013 Ultimate Dubs report in Fast Car Magazine issue 329 on sale 29/03/2013.