Wiseco Piston Install

Using a Wiseco install tool for the pistons

By the time the Engine had returned from machining, I had acquired enough parts to start building it back up again.  I had managed to source:

Wiseco 9:1 Pistons and Head Gasket
K1 Technologies Rods
ARP Fasteners
Blue Print ADL Gaskets and belts
ACL Bearings

Wiseco are world renowned for building race winning pistons, and have been making pistons for over 70 years, I’ve chosen a lightweight, forged piston kit and mated them with a set of Billet H beam rods from K1 Technologies.  K1 have some great engineered components available at affordable prices, and they’re race-proven.

ARP Fasteners

ARP are all about fasteners,

I bolted the lot down with ARP Bolts, ARP make thousands of bolts for loads of different engines, and even do dress-up kits to get your engine bay looking shiny, they’ll even make you custom bolts if you need them.

ACL Bearings

The ACL Bearing clearances are spot-on, and being cheaper than Honda OE, I snapped them up

I used an ACL Bearing kit on the bottom end, mainly because the kit is significantly cheaper than buying Honda coloured bearings, but also because ACL are a reliable choice and the clearances were pretty much on the nose for what I wanted.

Blue Print Service Parts

Blue Print ADL parts are just as good as the OE equivalents

To finish off the build I used Blue Print ADL parts.  They make quality replacement parts for loads of Japanese cars, especially Honda.  It’s all I’ve ever fitted to any B series, and the prices are much more competitive than Honda too.

Engine Built

Engine clean and painted ready for install

I bolted it all together with a Wiseco gasket sandwiched between.  I’ve spent a fair bit on this engine, but as it’s the last B series I’ll build I wanted it to be as reliable as possible.

Wiseco Pistons £418
K1 Rods £394
ARP bolts £155
ACL Bearings £105
Blue Print Parts £265
Total £1337

Camberley Auto Factors
ARP Bolts

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