A stock McLaren 765LT has just unofficially become the quickest production car across a quarter-mile ever by completing the distance in 9.41 seconds.

With the record previously being held by the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at 9.65 seconds, the 755bhp McLaren smashes this by 0.2 seconds, despite not being a drag car at all.

The McLaren 765LT saves 80kg in weight over the 720s and gains a healthy 45bhp. As a result, DragTimes managed to clock a 2.1 second 0-60mph time with an end trap speed of 150mph.

What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the McLaren 765LT was shod with regular Pirelli P Zero tyres that come as a no cost option. These tyres are better suited to all-year-round weather. Later in the day, however, the driver switched the wheels for a set from a 720s that were shod with Toyo Proxes R888R tyres, a much better compound for setting times. As a result, with the increased grip on offer from the Toyos, the guys managed to record a 9.34 second 1/4 mile time!