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Posted by Matt Bell on 8th November 2021

Have a listen to Ryan Tuerck’s new drift car, the Judd V10 Supra, as it goes through the gears on a dyno run. Headpone users beware…

If like us you miss the good old days of screaming F1 cars, V10 engines and all things noise, Ryan Tuerck’s new Judd V10 Supra is right up your street. Featuring that whopping great engine under the bonnet, on the dyno it made a collossal 630whp, so over 700bhp comfortably. While the power is something to marvel over, its the noise as the revs climb above 10,000rpm that leaves the hairs on your arms standing on end. It’s an orchestral orgasm, quite literally…

The Judd V4 engine, which is used here, is the real deal too, having been built by Engine Developments here in the UK, the comapny founded by Sir Jack Brabham and John Judd founded back in 1971. Weighing in at just 145kg and with a factory spec of 730bhp and an 11,000rpm engine, it shifts through its sequential gearbox with no hesitation, producing a scintillating “snap” as it selects each gear.

Of course the V10 engine is just one aspect of this ridiuclous build codenamed Formula Drift. This is a ground-up build, removing pretty much everything from the original Toyota GR Supra factory car. You can watch the progress on Ryan’s car below:

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