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Posted by Matt Bell on 7th September 2020

Welcome to Fast Car TV! With awesome builds, new products, tech talks and which cars we’d buy to modify, think of it as the magazine…but moving and talking. In this episode, Jules from Fast Car is joined by Elizabeth from Performance BMW to discuss some £15,000 BMWs to invest in and check out a modified Volvo build that’s not your typical grandad wagon… Make sure you check out Ep14 here and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel

Is that not the wildest Volvo you’ve ever seen? Inspired by the Lykan Hypersport, Garage Unique in Thailand has built a Volvo V50 that would look right at home at SEMA or any other modified car show on the planet. The company specialises in building unique bodykits (hence the name) and will quite literally hand make it, no matter how wild your intentions are.

This modified Volvo build just proves that no matter what car you have, if you have the vision and creativity to come up with something bonkers, it can be done, and it can be done well!

In addition to the Volvo V50, Jules and Elizabeth talk about which BMW they would buy if they had £15,000 to spend, and it all revolves around whether or not you want to take the brave pill. You could pick up a nice BMW E9x M3 for that money, but you could also land yourself a BMW M5 E60, you know, the one with that fabulous V10 engine. But, there is a catch with the E60 M5, and that’s its reliability, which quite frankly, isn’t great.

Jules also talks us through some car cleaning products from our friends over at Meguiar’s as well as a two minute tech talk! Enjoy.

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