There are only four official Porsche 964 RWB builds in the UK, and we met one of them. Meet ‘Rokweiler’, the car of Sam’s dreams.

Held in the same regard as the likes of Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk, RWB – and Nakai-san, the creative mind behind it – has become one of the most prestigious styling brands in the car modification aftermarket. However, whereas RWB’s aforementioned rivals are happy to stick fat arches and big wings onto pretty much anything, Nakai-san’s work is synonymous with one car marque in particular. Porsche.

To a purist, irreversibly tearing up the stock body of an old 911 is sacrilege, but ‘purist’ doesn’t exactly describe our tastes very well here at Fast Car. As it happens, Sam – the owner of this RWB – is a like-minded fellow, as he goes on to explain.

Build inspiration

“It’s a 1991 model Porsche 911 (964) which I bought in its stock form back in early 2018. I was on YouTube one day and, as you do, some related videos came up and there was one featuring an RWB Porsche. Immediately I was like, “what’s this?!”, so I watched it and was literally hooked from then on. I think I must have watched every single RWB video on the internet, and by that point I began to feel that these RWBs were making my stock car look rubbish…”

So, there was only one thing for it. Sam needed to join the club, so to speak. But how do you go about getting an RWB kit in the first place? Well, for a car to be considered a true RWB, the body kit needs to be fitted by the man himself. However, transporting a car all the way to Japan and back wasn’t going to be an easy task. So, instead, Nakai-san came to Sam. Yep, one of the Japanese domestic aftermarket’s modern day icons would spend a few days in… Sheffield.

RWB Rokweiler - rear rolling shot

Hosting Nakai-san

“He ships the kit beforehand,” Sam explained. “You paint it, get everything ready, then he comes to the airport. You pick him up, bring him to the car, then one and a half days later – boom.

“He literally just turns up with one suitcase, an air saw, and a little sander. If you’ve got an air compressor at the shop, he’s good to go!”

Nakai-San cutting the arch of a 964

Now for the painful bit:

“To fit the over fenders he has to cut away at the original arches and he literally does that on the fly, by eye.”

It takes a brave man to start cutting into a Porsche without taking measurements first, but perhaps an even braver man to let him do it to their car!

RWB Rokweiler - detailed wheel shot

Other modifications

So, we’ve established that this is indeed a legit Porsche 964 RWB conversion, but what else has this car got going on underneath the skin? Well, as for the wheels, Sam’s car is rocking a set of Brixton forged wheels – specifically the matte black firecracker variant of the CM60 model, meaning it gets black centers with a copper edge.

“On the rear they’re 13J, and then on the front they’re 10.5J… big, big wheels.” Sam says. And he’s not wrong.

Behind those wide rims, you’ll find Porsche’s stock braking system. But, the suspension is far from standard. Currently, the car’s sitting on bags, but Sam plans to swap those out for a set of coilovers in the near future.

RWB Rokweiler rear wing

Oh, and you might have noticed that massive rear wing on the back too.

“Nakai actually offers a few different wing options for a 964,” Sam explains. “You can have the ducktail style which is a lot smaller and makes the car look a bit more hench, or you can have the big GT2 Wing [which is the one you see on Rokweiler]. You can also have a double stacked wing I think, or triple stacked wing which is even bigger and even more ridiculous.”

RWB Rokweiler


Now, those of you familiar with Nakai-san’s work will know that he likes to name every car he modifies, the most famous of which being the ‘Stella Artois’. However, that wasn’t quite how things played out when naming Rokweiler.

“I’d had the kit for four years sat in my warehouse which gave me plenty of time to think of what I wanted to call the car, so I was like, “Nakai, hold on, I’m doing the name.” So yeah, my favorite band, plus rottweiler black and gold – it just suits it really well.”

If you want to learn more about this Porsche 964 RWB in closer detail (including a few extra mods we’ve not mentioned here!), check out our video feature at the top of this page.

RWB Rokweiler - front rolling shot