Millers Nanodrive
Can changing your brand of oil gain you power? We test Millers Nanodrive to find out…

Millers’ new Nanodrive high performance engine oil is an extension of their nano technology gear oil range. As well as all the normal lubricating, oily type stuff Millers claim this oil promises a number of improvements including, significantly reduced friction, reduced component wear, reduced heat generation, extended oil life and increased power output.

How’s it work?
According to the scientific type-bods this new range uses ‘spherical nanoparticle structures’ in the oil formulation. These act to fill the rougher surfaces of metallic components by forming what they call a ‘tribofilm’ this makes the surfaces ultra smooth. It’s this smoothness that reduces friction and gives the oil its performance characteristics.

The dyno
Of course, we’re not just gonna take their word for it, to put Millers’ claims to the test we took two performance road cars to JB Racing in Radstock, Somerset, to use their Sun/TAT rolling road set up. JB Racing specialise in all forms of race engine building
and have a fully equipped workshop including an engine dyno. To check out their services go to www.

The cars
To prove we mean business we took two of the biggest rivals in the game to go head to head on the dyno, Dave Prewett’s Focus ST and Dan Goddard’s Astra VXR. Dave’s ST benefits from a DreamScience air filter, Mod X map, and an Airtec intercooler, while Dan’s VXR includes a TX intercooler, uprated fuel pump, and a custom stage 3 map.

How it was done?
To provide some base figures we changed the oil on the cars to Halfords’ 5w-40 fully synthetic oil (and fitted new OE filters). Both were then taken for a 20-minute drive to get the oil fully up to temperature, and given three runs on the dyno. The final run was recorded, and compared to the previous runs to ensure the figures were near identical. The oil was then changed for Millers’ CFS 5w-40 Nanodrive oil and, again, new OE filters fitted. The car was taken on the same ‘warm up’ route and dyno’d in the same manner as before. And these were the results..

Millers Nanodrive

The results…
The Astra VXR

With the normal oil Dan’s VXR produced 248.7bhp, and 303lb/ft torque. With the Nanodrive oil changed, and nothing else altered it produced 256.7bhp, and 317lb/ft torque. So that’s an 8bhp and 14lb/ft gain! There’s more too, the graph reveals that there is consistent noticeable gains from a little over 2000rpm, right through to the redline.

Millers Nanodrive

The results…
The Ford Focus ST

It’s true that peak power was ever so slightly down at the top of the rev range but to focus on that figure would be missing the point. Dave drove the car before the second dyno run and came back convinced that the car was substantially quicker, and it’s not hard to see why. At 2750rpm the Focus was delivering 44.9lb/ft more than before and at 2900rpm there was an increase of 23.8bhp. As you can see on the graph there was noticeably more power and torque throughout the rev range with between 10-20bhp more available from 2000 to 4500rpm – exactly where you need it.

Millers Nanodrive

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The Verdict

When you think all we actually did was change the oil it’s not only an amazing achievement from Millers but a pretty good result for the money too. A standard 5L bottle of the stuff is 70-quid and, think about it, sooner or later you’re gonna have to change your oil anyway. In our test this product did exactly as promised, and then some. Top work!

Millers Oils -– 01484713201
JB Racing – 01761 232301