Want to know why sponges are bad and wash mitts are good? We speak to the car detailing experts at Gtechniq about the benefits of their WM2 Microfibre Wash Mitt and bucket with a grit guard over a traditional sponge!

Just like tuning, when it comes to detailing your car, using the right tools can make a big difference to the outcome. We went to see the people in the know at Gtechniq to find out what you should be using when cleaning your car, and to answer one burning question: is a wash mitt really better than a simple sponge?

close up of a sponge

Say Goodbye to Sponges

For years, sponges were the go-to choice for washing cars. However, they have some significant drawbacks. The flat face of a sponge traps dirt and debris, causing it to rub against the paint surface. This can result in a mild sanding effect that can lead to swirls and scratches on your car’s paintwork. Therefore, it’s time to ditch the sponge and upgrade to a wash mitt.

detail shot of wash mitt

The Benefits of a Wash Mitt

A wash mitt has a nice, thick pile that lifts and keeps away dirt from the surface of your paintwork. Unlike sponges, which drag dirt across the surface, mitts effectively remove dirt and minimize any risk of causing damage.
Gtechniq’s WM2 wash mitt has a thick padding and wadding, which absorbs water. This means that when you dip the mitt into your bucket, it brings up more wash solution with all the benefits of the added lubricants contained within a premium shampoo such as Gtechniq’s GWash. The increased lubrication makes the mitt super slick and helps minimize the chances of putting scratches and swirls into your paintwork.
Not only does a wash mitt provide better performance, but it is also more convenient. If you accidentally drop it on the ground, you can simply clean it by putting it in your washing machine at home on a 40-degree wash cycle and letting it air dry. Don’t use any fabric softeners though!

using a grit guard

How a Grit Guard in a Bucket Works

In addition, using a bucket with a grit guard can further improve your car cleaning routine. A grit guard acts as a small dirt trap that sits at the bottom of your bucket, collecting dirt and debris from the mitt. The idea is that as you wash your car panel with the wash mitt, you can rub the grit guard against it, causing the dirt to fall through the bottom instead of swirling back up into the wash solution. This keeps your wash solution clean and free from dirt, reducing the likelihood of scratches and swirls.

two buckets of water for washing a car

Two Buckets Are Better Than One

To take your car washing routine to the next level, consider using two buckets instead of one. Fill one bucket with your wash solution and another with clean water. The process is simple: dip your wash mitt into the wash solution, wash the car panel, and then rinse the mitt in the clean water bucket. Moving between the two buckets helps separate dirt from the main car wash solution, ensuring a cleaner and safer wash.

wash mitt dripping water

With a wash mitt and a grit guard in your car cleaning kit, you’ll be well-equipped to achieve a pristine finish while minimizing the risk of scratches and swirls. So, say goodbye to sponges and switch to a wash mitt and bucket with a grit guard today – your paintwork will thank you for it.