The Mk4 Supra is one of the most tuneable cars ever made. Here are five top ways to go about it…
Mk4 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo tuning guide
The Supra is a great looking car as standard so no big changes need to be made. Toyota spent a lot of time and effort getting the aerodynamics correct from the factory, but all the usual Japanese tuning companies produce kits for them should you wish to change things. A vented bonnet is well worth considering on a big power car to keep the heat down, and a front bumper with a larger opening for an intercooler is another common addition.
Mk4 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo tuning guide
Supras have cavernous arches front and rear as standard, so 9 or even 10in wide wheels on the front, and as much as 11in wide on the rear will fit without any real bother. With it being such a large car, the minimum diameter you want to go for is 18in but 19s will also work. 245 front and 275 wide rear tyres are common, but we have seen well over 300 wide tyres in the past with some fairly minor arch work. The limit really is your wallet; ultra-wide tyres like big power Supras run cost a fortune!
Mk4 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo tuning guide
UK Supras came with great 4-pot brakes as standard, but Japanese imports came with far less impressive brakes, and both need upgrading if you are really pushing the car hard. All the top brake manufactures do kits for the Supra, with AP Racing and Alcon being popular and capable of hauling down the big car from any speed.
Mk4 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo tuning guide
The Supra is a big car, but handles very well indeed, and almost every suspension specialist makes uprated kits. For real top end suspension Ohlins and Nitron do kits, but if you’re on more of a budget you can’t go wrong with HSD coilovers. If you wish to go further, adjustable suspension arms and uprated ARBs are also available.
Mk4 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo tuning guide
With the standard 3ltr twin turbo UK model pushing out 320bhp and capable of 175mph de-restricted, the Supra is no slouch as standard, but tuning options for this car are almost unlimited. For starters a full exhaust system and induction kit will free up some more power. But for big power gains a large single turbo conversion is usually the first port of call, and with some people even managing 1000bhp on standard internals, you can see the potential is there to achieve pretty much anything you want.