It’s got heavier and the legendary 4G63T engine is gone, but the Mitsubishi Evo X powered by a 4B11T is still great for tuning…

The standard brakes are not bad, but the heavyweight Evo X does benefit from serious stoppers. AP Racing, Brembo, Tarox, Alcon, Willwood, Stoptech, Performance Friction and many more do big brake kits for the car, and uprated pads are also widely available.

9.5x18in alloys with 255 or 265 wide tyres are the norm for tuned Evo Xs, and the standard arches give ample room even on low and hard-driven cars. The offset used is usually around ET20, and we have seen lower offset and wider tyres on track cars with increased negative camber.

Despite this being very well sorted from the factory, coilover suspension, uprated ARBs and even adjustable suspension arms are already widely available from the usual big names. This means you can upgrade your Evo X to serious Time Attack spec with relative ease. So what are you waiting for?

As with earlier models, the Evo X has a very strong and capable transmission as standard, but, as you would expect, uprated clutches would be the main thing to do. Hard starts soon kill standard clutches even on mildly tuned cars, but countless uprated ones are available, along with lightened flywheels, uprated mounts, front and rear LSDs and even different final drives. Adjustable torque split controllers are even available from the likes of MoTec and others.

Despite the legendary 4G63T engine no longer being used, the 4B11T engine in the Evo X is very tunable. If you have a higher power model like the FQ360 or FQ400 you already have many tuning upgrades fitted, but on the lower models even a remap can gain up to 50bhp, and an FQ300 with a full exhaust, induction kit and remap, sees around 375bhp, which is very impressive. AMS in the USA already have a 2.2 stroker Evo X with a huge turbo pushing out over 900bhp with very little lag.

The Evo X looks great, so, aside from the FQ400 bodykit, we wouldn’t want to make big changes, but almost every panel is available in carbon (including the roof) and things like canards, rear diffusers and vortex generators are widely available for all Evo X models.