Can the use of a performance oil improve the performance of a car? We ask the experts at LIQUI MOLY.

Claiming that using a specific performance oil in the engine of a car will result in it going faster isn’t quite what specialists such as LIQUI MOLY want to promote. Instead, they are more concerned about ensuring an engine and its drivetrain (gearbox and differential) can operate at their optimum level of performance whilst at the same time, minimizing internal wear. What this also results in is the lowest fuel consumption and potentially the lowest emissions.

We put the following nine questions to the experts at LIQUI MOLY in an attempt to dissect how they manage to ensure their oils for the engine, gearbox and differential can help to reduce wear and ensure the moving components within run at their optimum output. So if you want to know more about Molybdenum Disulfide and independent wear testing, read on.

liqui moly NSX race car

Are there any performance benefits of using a high-quality oil from LIQUI MOLY in the engine and gearbox?

The use of our LIQUI MOLY high quality formulations increases the efficiency and durability of the components.

Does LIQUI MOLY produce any products that promise to increase a car’s performance?

Using our products (oils & additives) guarantees that your vehicle runs with the best possible performance (optimum power output, lowest wear, lowest fuel and oil consumption, lowest emissions). Using high quality oil with the needed specification guarantees best possible engine performance.

Liqui Moly 10w-40 performance oil

Can an oil that offers less resistance really make a difference?

Lower viscosity oils guarantee and optimize the performance, which result in best possible power output and lowest fuel consumption. But, always observe manufacturer’s instructions!

What’s so special about LIQUI MOLY MoS2 anti-friction engine oil and which engines does it work well with?

Particularly for “proven” engines from the 1970´s up to the late 1990´s we recommend to use our MoS2 Antifriction SAE 10W-40. This semi-synthetic motor oil is a specialty from us that already contains the solid lubricant MoS2 (Molybdenum Disulfide) in perfect ratio. MoS2 is an extreme pressure and heat resistant agent, it adheres very well to surfaces and thus reduces friction and wear even under extreme operating conditions. LIQUI MOLY has decades of good experience with MoS2 as a friction modifier and highly recommend this product for your vehicle. Due to the MoS2, this oil has a grey color.

ceratec performance oil additive

LIQUI MOLY’s Cera Tec offers wear protection, which in theory, helps maintain performance, but how does it work?

Cera Tec prevents direct metal-to-metal contact, thus increasing the assembly service life. It reduces fuel consumption in gasoline and diesel engines thanks to the low-friction effect. It’s miscible with all commercially available motor oils and motor vehicle gear oils and suitable for engines, manual transmissions, pumps and compressors by adding it to the respective oil. Self-mixing and sufficient for 5 liters of oil, it lasts for around 50,000 km. Plus, it’s suitable for toothed belts running in oil, but not suitable for use with wet clutches.

But do have any evidence to show that Cera Tec works?

Yes. Automobil Prueftechnik Landau (APL) in Germany tested it. They let two gear wheels work against each other with more and more force until a certain wear level was reached. With Cera Tec in the oil, more than twice the force was needed to achieve the same amount of wear.

gearbox additive

By using a gear oil that coats the moving components inside a gearbox or differential, but produces less friction than a competitor’s oil, does it actually make a difference or not?

Our gear oils are formulated in such a way that they comply with valid specifications (API, JASO, OEMs). In order to further reduce friction in the transmission, we offer appropriate additives.

So are there any advantages of using an additive in the gear oil?

Our gear-oil additive contains highly concentrated MoS2 to reduce wear in manual and differential transmissions, axle drives without integrated wet differential locks and mechanical steering systems. MoS2 reduces temperature peaks and ensures quieter running and smoother shifting. The transmission heats up less and benefits from smoother tooth faces in terms of quieter running and improved performance.

How much of this additive needs to be used in the gear oil?

20g is sufficient for 1 liter of gear oil. 50 g is sufficient for 2.5 liters of gear oil.

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