Air filters are one of the easiest performance mods you can make to your car. Here’s a collection of some of the best air filters for the Honda Civic Type R.

Air is just as important for the health and performance of your car, as it is for you. So, do your Civic a favor and keep on top of its air filter. If you happened across this article and don’t own a Honda Civic Type R, check out our best car air filters in 2023.

The car’s air filter works by doing quite literally that, filter the air going into your engine. Upgrading your car’s air filter can be a quick and easy, plus usually cheap, method of increasing performance. It does this by increasing the volume of air being filtered into the engine. This can be either through filtration material, size and other factors. And we all know that more air + fuel equals more performance.

Up to speed? Great! Here’s some of the best air filters for your Honda Civic Type R…

Best Air Filter for a Honda Civic Type R EK9

The front end of an EK9 Type R


When simply replacing your old air filter, there are two entry-level options. You can either get a like-for-like panel filter to sit in the stock airbox, or switch to an open-air cone filter set-up. There are positives and negatives to both, so be sure to read this guide on the subject to learn more.

APEXi is a well-regarded JDM performance tuning brand, and happily whether you opt for a panel or a cone, there’s something in their catalogue to cater for you. Their replacement panel filter will set you back just $32, and should last around 12,500 miles. Not bad! Alternatively, the APEXi dual funnel power filter kit can be picked up for $137. This package includes not only the filter itself, but also an adapter, gasket, and bolts to help you fit it to your Civic.


You can’t talk about aftermarket Honda parts without mentioning Spoon. Alongside Mugen, this JDM tuning specialist is the go-to brand for Honda upgrades. One of their offerings for the EK9 is this unmissable bright yellow panel filter. It’s a bit more expensive than the APEXi alternative, priced at $56, but that’s to be expected with such a premium aftermarket brand.

Induction Kits

An induction kit takes things a little bit further than your regular filter replacement. When you’ve got bolt-on parts making more power, you need to complement that with more air flow. That’s where induction kits come in, offering more efficient intake routes and a larger density of intake too.

One of the options for the EK9 is this Gruppe M kit, priced at $456. Benefits that you can expect from it include more torque and an increased power output across the middle of the rev range. Induction sounds will be enhanced too, giving your car a bit more theatre.

If you want to impress other Honda geeks, opt for a J’s Racing Tsuchinoko intake. J’s Racing is a niche JDM Honda tuning brand, but highly respected within that niche. This kit is a little cheaper than the Gruppe M option too, priced at either $165 or $300, depending on whether you want yours fabricated in FRP or carbon.

A detailed shot of the front of a red EP3.

Best Air Filter for a Honda Civic Type R EP3/FN2


Air flow specialists K&N offer replacement filters for both naturally-aspirated K20-powered Civics. The older EP3-generation car unusually requires a cone filter replacement, whereas the FN2 makes use of a more common panel-type filter.

Typically, K&N filters don’t wear out very quickly at all, but if you are faced with dirty cotton after a while, fear not. These filters are washable, meaning you can re-use them time and time again.


HKS’s quirky mushroom-like filters are available for both of these cars too. The Super Power Flow kit provides you with a larger surface area for intake, while the Racing suction kit adds more efficient pipework into the mix to reduce turbulence.

Induction Kits

For big-power EP3s & FN2s, we’d recommend either an Injen cold air intake which locates the filter down in the cool air behind the front bumper, or a Tegiwa carbon air box (EP3 link / FN2 link) which mounts near the stock location but uses a skuttle-mounted scoop to draw in cold air from the bonnet. If money is no object, a Gruppe M ram air system (which is also a skuttle scoop design) is regarded as the best of the best. Expect to see a small improvement in response and power but a very noticeable gain in induction noise, especially when VTEC kicks in!

Modified Honda Civic Type R FK8 from the front.

Best Air Filter for a Honda Civic Type R FK2/FK8


K&N produces replacement high-flow panel filters for both the FK2 and FK8 generations of turbocharged K20C Civic. These give your engine four layers of cotton gauze protection, ensuring that no unwanted debris makes it into places where it shouldn’t be. What’s more, while the initial expense is a bit higher than the average panel filter, you’ll be saving money in the long run. These filters can last for 75,000 miles (let’s call that five years if you do 15k a year). And even then, you can wash and re-use them, meaning there’s no need to buy another.

Those simple panel filters do provide a minimal gain in performance, but if you’re after more tangible improvements, K&N provides a more comprehensive air intake system for the FK8 too. This kit replaces the factory air filter and intake tube with the intention of improving air flow efficiency and volume. In return, you should get a bit extra torque, and a few extra ponies.

Spoon & Blitz

JDM tuning companies, Spoon and Blitz, offer replacement panel filters for the FK8 too. They are a little pricey, but in the world of performance tuning you often get what you pay for. That’s definitely the case here. For instance, the Spoon filter is constructed from polyester fibre, which can achieve filtering efficiency and intake volumes that are impossible to reach with cotton filters.

The Blitz filter, meanwhile, features and requires no oil cleaner to keep itself in good condition. This is useful as those factory-applied oils can eventually wind up in places such as engine inlets and air flow sensors – which ain’t good for performance.

Induction Kits

If your Civic is running big power, it’ll need more air, and that means you’ll need to buy it a full-on induction kit.

Let’s start with the FK2. This often-overlooked generation of Civic Type R is catered for by Gruppe M, who provide two different levels of induction upgrade. The first is the Super Cleaner Carbon Intake ($340), which significantly increases air flow velocity while reducing engine heat soak. Then, there’s the carbon fibre ram air intake system ($1036), which includes a more comprehensive rework of the intake pipe design. This not only helps feed the engine with more air to make more power and torque, but also provides a properly aggressive intake sound.

As for the FK8, HKS is a good brand to turn to. Their popular Racing Suction kit is available for this car, costing either $485 or $769 depending upon whether you add an air flow sensor corrector to the package. Do bear in mind though, that extra cost is ultimately unavoidable, as if you don’t opt for that extra bit of kit, you’ll still need to get an independent ECU remap. HKS’ premium air flow product for the FK8 is its full cold air intake system ($1457). This features a carbon cold air intake box (used for optimal heat protection and a premium look), as well as polished Aluminum piping to replace the stock rubber hoses.