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10 Best Convertible Cars Under £5k

10 Best Convertible Cars Under £5k

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 31st August 2016

We take a look at the best cabriolets for under £5K…

The experts will tell you it’s not the best time to buy a convertible, but they’ll also tell you it’s definitely the best time to have one. So on this occasion, we can skip the rulebook especially when you look at the bargains that are out there. So if you’re planning on going shopping we’ve put together this little guide to help you decide on what drop top is best for you!

Best Convertible Cars Under £5k

1.  Audi TT – priced from £2,500
It’s still hard to believe how cheap Audi TTs are these days, you can get them even cheaper than the quoted price too, but if you’re going to buy one you’ll want a 225 version that hasn’t been to the moon and back via Jupiter on the way.

Being a VAG there’s absolutely loads of tuning and styling parts available for the TT and with the right touches you’ll be able to quadruple the perceived value of your Audi. Check the service history for oil changes as they have a habit of suffering from oil sludge that can block the pick-up pipe in sump, which can cause catastrophic engine failure!

Also check for cheeky sellers passing 180s off for the 225s – A top tip for this is to check that the throttle body is on right hand side of the inlet manifold and not the left!

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