Modified SEAT Leon


    Glenn Rowswell at 11:54 am, 18th April 2018


    Adding branding from a certain soft drink to the bodywork of this SEAT León has transformed it from a respectable show car to an unforgettable machine that’s receiving love from all corners of the globe. And it’s also making us a bit thirsty…

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  • Stanced SEAT Leon Cupra K1

    Glenn Rowswell at 3:12 pm, 14th January 2014

    Stanced SEAT Leon Cupra K1

    Air Lift suspension, 3SDM 0.01 wheels and 330BHP on tap, has Jake Harris created the ultimate modified SEAT Leon Cupra K1?

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  • Slammed SEAT Leon

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:02 am, 7th May 2013

    Slammed SEAT Leon

    There are definitely not enough good modified SEAT Leons in the world. So we salute James Tree and his slammed SEAT Leon on 3SDM 0.05 wheels. Lovely!

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  • Modified SEAT Leon

    Glenn Rowswell at 12:54 pm, 11th April 2012

    Modified SEAT Leon

    Mike Gaze's modified SEAT Leon on Land Rover wheels. It's baa-rmy!

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