Coated in Pearl White paint and slammed on Candy Red Schmidt VN Line alloys, it’s no wonder this show-winning modified SEAT Leon takes home all the trophies…

Sometimes the most unexpected things in life are the best. Take Richard Lines and his show winning SEAT for example. Having already built himself a Fast Car feature-worthy Citroën C2, he needed a new daily motor so that he could keep the C2 in tip-top show condition.

Donning his sensible hat, he took all his pocket money down to the local SEAT dealership to see what was on offer. “Parked on the forecourt was a Leon Supercopa FR. I took it out for a test drive and when I got back I knew I had to have it” Richard told us.

richard lines seat leon modifie

Somewhere on the drive home though that sensible hat blew out the window and was never to be seen again. In no time at all Richard became as attached to the SEAT as he was the C2 and the vicious circle began. Two months into ownership and the SEAT was decked out on a set of coilovers, the exterior plastics had been freshened up with a coat of gloss black paint and the front end was wearing a Triple R composite front splitter. So much for leaving it untouched.

This was just the start of things to come though. A whole range of wheels followed including a set of five-spoke Bentleys and an epic set of Quantum44s before Richard eventually settled on these Schmidt VN Lines. The wheels were split down and rebuilt to 8.5x19inch and 10x19inch staggered specs. At the same time he had the centres finished off in an eye-popping candy red. Tasty!

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