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Modified Honda Civic

  • Honda Day 2012 video

    Honda Day 2012 video

    Glenn Rowswell on 2nd August 2012

    Honda Day takes over at Atco Raceway, New Jersey, USA, for a weekend of all things VTEC.

  • West Collective video

    West Collective video

    Glenn Rowswell on 16th July 2012

    A short and sweet video on the West Collective crew and their cars. Featuring a stanced Acura RSX Type-S, a Nissan 350z and a Honda S2000 and Civic Si.

  • Spec’d Honda Civic EK

    Spec’d Honda Civic EK

    Glenn Rowswell on 24th May 2012

    Say hello to one seriously spec’d up Honda Civic EK. Lovely.

  • Honda Fetish Meet

    Honda Fetish Meet

    Glenn Rowswell on 25th April 2012

    Like modified Hondas? Well we guess you'll like this Honda Fetish Meet then. Enjoy.

  • Honda Day 2012

    Honda Day 2012

    Glenn Rowswell on 24th April 2012

    Honda Day hits Atco Raceway, New Jersey, USA.

  • Honda Day 2011

    Honda Day 2011

    Glenn Rowswell on 14th March 2012

    Like your Hondas? Well you’ll love this video coverage of Honda Day 2011 by Eat Sleep Race.

  • Turbocharged Honda Civic FN2

    Turbocharged Honda Civic FN2

    Glenn Rowswell on 20th February 2012

    Our friends at ReelMotion and TDi North have just unleashed this awesome video of a turbocharged Honda Civic FN2. Sounds good don’t you think?