Modified BMW

  • LTMW Spring Meet

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:09 am, 11th April 2013

    LTMW Spring Meet

    If you love a bit of German car culture, check out this LTMW Spring Meet in Los Angeles, USA. What a fantastic looking meet!

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  • Stanced BMW E46

    Glenn Rowswell at 9:54 am, 24th January 2013

    Stanced BMW E46

    We spotted this stanced BMW E46 on BBS wheels over at Whips & Chocolate blog. And we just had to share it. Wow!

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  • Stanced BMW Z4

    Glenn Rowswell at 2:27 pm, 19th December 2012

    Stanced BMW Z4

    Want to see a stanced BMW Z4 with some crazy camber? Well today's your lucky day. Boom!

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  • Mil-spec BMW 325

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:00 am, 14th September 2012

    Mil-spec BMW 325

    It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but Terry Henley's Mil-spec 1986 BMW 325 E30 is hard to ignore. Check it out.

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  • E30 Fest Romania

    Glenn Rowswell at 2:36 pm, 11th July 2012

    E30 Fest Romania

    We're big fans of the BMW E30 at FC. And it seems they are in Romania as well.

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  • Turner BMW M3 Girls Video

    Glenn Rowswell at 12:17 pm, 14th June 2012

    Turner BMW M3 Girls Video

    A car, a middle aged man driving around a track and some screaming promo girls. Yup, nothing new to see here. Yawn...

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