matts bmw 120d project
As with any car I get, I always go through it with a fine tooth comb to find any problems I can before it throws it up in my face. So, as custom dictates, I ordered up a few service items from Euro Car parts, some swirl blanks, and of course, some of Millers’ finest oils.
matts bmw 120d project
I went for some Nanodrive 5w30 fully synthetic longlife oil. The Nanodrive oil has been proven to release more HP from the engine by reducing drag from moving parts. It also conforms to BMW Longlife 04 specs, making it perfect for the M47 engine. I’ve also picked up some auto transmission fluid, even though BMW suggest the transmission oil is for life, the manufacturer of the ‘box suggest 100,000 miles so there’s some conflicting information there.
matts bmw 120d project
Whilst changing the filters, I also pulled the intake manifold off to remove those pesky swirl flaps. These things have been known to fall into the engine causing catastrophic damage, so out they’ve come. You can get blanking caps, which sit in the manifold, and remove the swirls entirely. This causes some bottom end torque loss, but apparently it can be mapped out.
matts bmw 120d project
Anyway, once I had removed the manifold it was clear to see that the EGR system was blocked right up. I had to jet wash it several times to get all the junk out! I decided to block up the vacuum control for the EGR valve too, so that it’s disabled. It brings the EML on, but I know that it’s the EGR at fault, so no probs. I also replaced the engine breather, as that’s a common problem too, the old breather gets clogged and causes the engine to consume oil.
matts bmw 120d project
Once it was all back together, I took it out for a ride, and boy was the difference noticeable! All that EGR junk must’ve been restricting the flow of air in the manifold considerably. Sometimes there is a little flat spot low in the revs now, but I will speak to my mapper Andy, at Phoenix Automotive Technologies in Verwood, about sorting that out. Plenty more to come from me.

Millers Oils £115
Service parts £117


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