matts bmw 120d
The time has come, my followers, to say goodbye to my Renault Clio project, But before you pick up that phone, no she’s not for sale. I’m keeping this little eco-warrior and I’ll still be fiddling with it here and there, but she’s basked in the limelight for long enough and is tired of all the fan mail. Why is this you ask? Well there is another…
matts bmw 120d
Yes, you heard me. I wore my heart on my sleeve and went to auction and brought back a lovely [or will be] little 120D. Yeah a BMW, what do you reckon to that?! Doesn’t it look lovely? It needs a bit of work, but I’ve been watching the other boys closely and I reckon I can get the hang of this ‘mechanic’ lark they speak of. There’s a high chance it has no MoT, it’s got a bulb out, but it has a month’s tax, which is fantastic!
matts bmw 120d
Plans? Well, for a start, it needs a bloody good clean and service. There’s dissolving sweets in every orifice, coffee spilt in the air vents, the key falls out of the ignition when driving, and there’s a massive dent in the door. There’s also a few common faults that I plan on taking care of, such as the swirl flap mod, intake clean, EGR delete, and sort out the ESP problem. Seems these BMs suffer with faulty ABS modulators, but a company called Sinspeed offers a cheap replacement with a lifetime warranty, so I’ve already ordered one and it’s on the way.

On the up side, it has nice bumpers, wheels (though they need a refurb and new rubber), lights under the door handles (which is trick), parking sensors, and leather! That’s it for now, I gotta pick up the phone to Euro Car parts and get some stuff on order…

Car £4,800
ABS module £TBA