BMW 120D
I’m currently loving this car, not only does it handle well, it’s got some decent power, and looks pretty cool too! People say these are a bit girly but I think not! Anyway, I have long hair and Mediterranean blood so I think that makes it alright!

So, what have I done this month? Well, firstly I blew most of my spare cash on a full set of uprated poly bushes and some amazing adjustable arms.

BMW 120D

Superpro, an Australian company, have recently released a front suspension arm upgrade kit for the BMW 1 Series, they’ve called it Supaloy and this stuff looks the bomb! This kit allows on-car adjustment of camber and castor, which are two geometry settings that cannot be adjusted with standard arms; this makes alignment pretty much impossible to correct after lowering the car [which I plan to do]. Camber can be adjusted up to 1 degree and castor up to 0.8 degrees.
BMW 120D
The kit comes complete with Superpro bushes already installed so it’s just a bolt-off bolt-on affair. The bushes are motorsport proven, have a lifetime guarantee, and Superpro state there is no increase in vibration, noise, or ride harshness! As soon as I pick up some suspension, I’ll be fi tting these alongside.
BMW 120D
At the same time I ordered poly bushes for the rear, as well as the diff and the rear subframe to simply balance the car out. Another benefit to these bushes is that they help increase tyre life and so will save me money in the long run too.
BMW 120D
After that massive spend, I had about £30 left in the budget, so I spent it on some LED rear number plate lights. Pretty much a 5 minute job, they’re available from BMW themselves for the newer 1 Series, but they fi t the older one with a little fettling of the connector. I think they refresh the look a little, which is nice!
BMW 120D
That’s it for today. Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you soon, please do keep sending in your semi-nude pictures, kind regards, Matthew.

Superpro Supalloy arms £360
Superpro bushes £158
LED lights £29