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Modified BMW

  • Bagged BMW E28

    Bagged BMW E28

    Glenn Rowswell on 11th January 2017

    Say hello to Jeremy's bagged BMW E28...

  • Modified BMW E36 M3 Touring

    Modified BMW E36 M3 Touring

    Glenn Rowswell on 19th December 2016

    With full M3 running-gear, trick air-suspension and that awesomely lairy bodywork, Edward Johnston’s modified 3 Series Touring is one of the most unique Beemer estates on the planet...

  • Jules’ BMW 335i – Part 22

    Jules’ BMW 335i – Part 22

    Glenn Rowswell on 9th December 2016

    2016 was a great year for my modified BMW 335i, but it's time to look at fresh mods for 2017...

  • Rolloface BMW E92 M3

    Rolloface BMW E92 M3

    Glenn Rowswell on 1st December 2016

    It takes a lot to stand out in the car tuning industry - luckily Rolloface's E92 M3 is about as subtle as a sledgehammer sandwich!

  • Modified BMW E21

    Modified BMW E21

    Glenn Rowswell on 29th November 2016

    The E21 paved the way for all the iconic Beemers that followed and helped make the Munich concern a household name. We get to grips with Becky Evan's fine example, one of the best modified BMW E21s around.

  • Modified BMW i8

    Modified BMW i8

    Glenn Rowswell on 23rd November 2016

    As a humble writer who’s spent the last decade working on the world’s best modified car mag, I’m legally obliged to hate hybrids, electronics and motors that run on anything but good old fashioned gasoline. The trouble is though, I don’t anymore...

  • BMW E92 Audio Car

    BMW E92 Audio Car

    Glenn Rowswell on 14th September 2016

    Meet the M3 GTS-alike 330i E92 with a real taste of North East humour to go with the Fire Orange paint.

  • BMW E30 M50 Turbo

    BMW E30 M50 Turbo

    Glenn Rowswell on 12th September 2016

    I Love Bass check out Steve Foxall's BMW E30 M50 Turbo.

  • Modified BMW Z4

    Modified BMW Z4

    Glenn Rowswell on 8th September 2016

    Sitting on Rial Imola splits and slammed to floor, it's Ashley Morrell's modified BMW Z4...

  • Modified BMW 535XI Touring

    Modified BMW 535XI Touring

    Glenn Rowswell on 18th August 2016

    With its custom metal wide body, 20-inch VIP Modular wheels and hench looks David Nguyen's modified BMW 535XI Touring ticks all the right boxes...

  • Wide body BMW E92

    Wide body BMW E92

    Glenn Rowswell on 12th August 2016

    A look at Victor Rivelli's stunning wide body BMW E92. Wow!