AC Schnitzer BMW Z4 M40i photos revealed…

It’s all been a bit Supra, Supra, Supra recently, hasn’t it? We were all waiting so long for Toyota to come up with a follow-up to the iconic Mk4 that when the new model finally arrived in 2019, we got a bit over-excited. Tuners have understandably been all over them; if you saw our SEMA coverage in last month’s mag you’ll have spotted that the new Supra was pretty much THE car of the show, everyone’s building ’em.

AC SCHNITZER BMW side-profile

Even back at last summer’s Goodwood Festival of Speed there was a 2JZ-swapped example drifting up the hill. And in all the melee, everyone’s kinda forgotten that it has a sister car: internet bores rejoice in banging on about how there’s a lot of BMW DNA in the Supra, but no-one seems to be picking up that particular BMW (the latest Z4) and doing cool stuff with it.


But thankfully for us all, AC Schnitzer is on the case. Having pumped out some hot power upgrades for the Supra, someone in a recent meeting clearly waved their hand in the air and said ‘Hang on fellas, should we do all of this to a Z4 too?’ – which makes perfect sense, as the hard work’s already been done. So here it is, the AC Schnitzer Z4 M40i.

AC SCHNITZER BMW front-profile

What the team has done here is to pump up the jams to the tune of an additional 59bhp and 73lb.ft, so the headline figures are now 394bhp and 442lb.ft. Which is more than enough to get rowdy with. They’ve also bolted on a set of lightweight forged 20-inch wheels, a new front splitter and two-piece rear spoiler, sideskirts, carbon bonnet vents, and some fancy adjustable coilovers. So they’ve basically modded it in the Fast Car style and stuck it in the showroom.