If you already have some of Sealey’s other 20V power tools, then this polisher is a worthy addition. It uses the same 20V lithium-ion battery as their cordless drills, drivers, hedge trimmer and garden strimmer. Otherwise, if you’re new to this range, lookout for bargain bundle deals. Offering a brushless motor and 180mm-diameter pads and bonnets, the Sealey CP20VRPX sounds like a good option for all your car polishing needs. But can it rectify faded paintwork and put a shine to it without creating swirl marks? This review tells all.

RRP: £148.61, buy it here. Not available in the US – consider this instead ($207.60)

Sealey CP20VRPX - what's in the box?

What’s in the box?

As a bare polisher you get a backing pad, polishing bonnet and a couple of handles. Two handles is quite unique – most have only one. Both are secured with Hex bolts, supplied with the polisher (and a tool to fit them).

I found the D-shaped handle was a tight fit. It needed a lot of effort to maneuver it into position on the body.

If you buy a bundle deal, then you can expect a soft bag, a couple of batteries and a charger.

Using the Sealey polisher on a camper van

Tech spec

With six speed settings ranging from 800rpm to 2,300rpm, these seem suitable for polishing and paint rectification. Their increments are 800rpm, 1,100rpm, 1,400rpm, 1,700rpm, 2,000rpm and 2,300rpm. There’s a rotary dial on the top of the body to change the speed setting.

The polisher’s brushless motor is operated via a trigger. There’s a lock button next to the trigger, which prevents the machine from being accidentally operated. Consequently, there’s no way of locking the trigger when in use.

The supplied backing pad is secured to the threaded spindle of the polisher by winding it on. The spindle can be locked by pressing a button on the top of the body. There are also a couple of flats on the unthreaded section of the spindle. A 17mm open-ended spanner can be used to grip them.

The generic 20V lithium-ion battery (it can be used with a number of Sealey tools) has a useful feature. There’s a button on the side of it, which if pressed, displays the state of charge of the battery. This helps to show whether it needs rechanging. And whether you have a 2Ah or 6Ah battery (or any one in between), they all use the same charger.

Using the Sealey polisher on a car door.

Using the Sealey 20V 180mm brushless rotary polisher

Being a brushless motor, it’s smooth to operate. The trigger can be lightly squeezed to start the motor spinning. The more you squeeze it, the faster it goes up to its set speed. It’s very controllable.

The motor on my test model was noisy and high pitched. My ears were ringing after a few minutes of use. A pair of ear plugs helped.

Weighing in at 5.3lb (2.4kg), it feels quite light and seems to be well balanced. The choice of handles is a good idea.

I found this polisher was easy to use. I liked the sensitivity of the trigger, enabling me to adjust the speed of the motor.

Using the Sealey polisher on a VW camper


If you have already invested in Sealey’s range of 20V cordless power tools, then this polisher is definitely worth considering. Otherwise, it may seem like an expensive investment and commitment to a specific brand. But for your money, you get a capable polisher backed with a three-year warranty.

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