When you’re driving hard on track, you need to keep your brakes cool to ensure they don’t fade. Nobody wants to reach a braking zone at the end of a straight and find that their middle pedal goes straight to the floor…

To combat that problem, manufacturers developed various different designs of brake rotor, including drilled ones and slotted ones. The idea being that each design would help gas to dissipate (therefore reducing temperatures) and prevent brake dust and debris from collecting on the rotor’s surface, leading to friction deficits between the rotor and pad.

We’ve got a full guide on the subject if you want to learn more, but generally speaking, slotted rotors are the preferred option for serious track cars. This is because whereas drilled-through holes can inhibit a rotor’s structural integrity, grooved slots don’t. It has been known for drilled rotors to crack when under extreme stress, brought on by fatigue from massive temperature variance. That’s not the case with slotted rotors.

Brembo Sport TY3 Brake Rotor Specs

Brembo Sport TY3 brake rotors utilize the TY3 slotted pattern, which is derived directly from the Brembo Racing division. This means that the design has been honed on track in professional tier motorsport. What Brembo has found over the course of that development phase is that the TY3 design virtually eliminates the chance of cracking by removing stress points and providing greater mechanical resistance.

Furthermore, the unique TY3 slotted pattern displaces gasses brought on by extreme driving, by allowing them channels to pass through. This vastly reduces the onset of brake fade, whilst also ensuring constant regeneration of the pad friction layer, thus boosting the braking performance.

How much do Brembo Sport TY3 brake rotors cost?

Brembo Sport TY3 Discs start from £62.97 + VAT. For more information contact Bremsen Technik Motorsport.