Auto Finesse Tripple sounds very impressive on paper, an all-in-one car polish that should deliver dazzling results. The detailing company has pumped out some great products over the years, and I’d be happy to recommend a number of their products. But one I’ve been waiting to test is the Tripple polish. I put its polishing credentials to the test to see if it’s as good as it sounds.

Sizes available: 8.45 fl. oz, 16.9 fl. oz, 33.8 fl. oz. RRP: $23.95, buy now / £13.95, buy now.

Auto Finesse Tripple before

How I tested Auto Finesse Tripple

As the Tripple car polish was part of a larger group test, I elected not to use a whole car for the test. Instead, I picked up a spare BMW sunroof and divided into sections so I could compare each of the products. Be sure to check out the results in our Best Car Polish guide.

First up, I made sure the sunroof was clayed, washed and dried thoroughly before any product was applied. Before applying the Auto Finesse Tripple, I used a gloss meter to take a gloss prior to any polish. We’re looking for an increase in gloss reading once the product has been properly applied. The higher the number the greater the product. Make sense?

I applied Auto Finesse Tripple to a polishing pad and did four sets of four passes in alternating directions. Any product residue was then wiped off, and the gloss was measured again using the gloss meter. Finally, I used an inspection lamp to check for surface clarity and remaining imperfections.

Auto Finesse Tripple testing

What Auto Finesse says

Auto Finesse bills Tripple as the ultimate all-in-one car polish. It’s been designed to clean, refine, glaze and protect paintwork in minimal time, and in one simple step. Auto Finesse Tripple has been engineered with diminishing abrasive technology, swirl-filling glaze agents and T1 grade Brazilian carnauba wax. Its easy-on, easy-off formula makes it very easy to work with, and it lets you quickly carry out single-stage paint enhancement while adding protection at the same time.

Auto Finesse Tripple is safe to use on everything from modern two-stage paintwork with a clear coat layer, vintage topcoats and gloss plastics. It has also been formulated to include ultra-slick film formers and glazing agents designed to fill and obscure minor swirl marks and other light defects, along with an infusion of T1 grade Brazilian carnauba to leave behind a barrier of wax protection that lasts for up to a month. That all sounds very impressive, so I’m expecting a decent level of cut, and some serious gloss thanks to the combination of fillers and wax.

Auto Finesse Tripple

What it’s like to use Auto Finesse Tripple

Auto Finesse Tripple was quite wet when I was using it, but there’s not much sling at all, which is always a bonus. It was easy to remove what product was left on the panel, so Tripple definitely lives up to that easy-on, easy-off promise. Tripple’s all-in-one (AIO) credentials are a polish, glaze, and wax, unlike something like 3D Speed, which has two stages of cut. This means that I wasn’t expecting Tripple to perform as well as some other products in terms of actual correction. It did make a very big difference, but the inspection light revealed some imperfections remained.

As Auto Finesse Tripple uses diminishing abrasives, if you were to use it for longer, you’d get a more refined finish, which this test doesn’t allow for in the interests of fairness. The glaze and wax did combine to deliver some very impressive gloss levels, as I was expecting. Auto Finesse Tripple delivered the second-highest gloss increase I have tested, which is very impressive.

Gloss meter results and verdict

  • Gloss reading before: 81.7
  • Gloss reading after: 88.3
  • Gloss increase: 6.6

I’m not a huge fan of glazes because their filling is only ever temporary. But you can’t argue with the results that Auto Finesse Tripple delivered. It’s nice to work with, and while it didn’t deliver the best levels of correction in our group test, it made up for that with those final gloss readings. This is a polish that will give you fantastic-looking results with minimal effort. It’s great value for money, too, making it very hard not to like. Auto Finesse Tripple is a very nice car polish indeed and one I awarded Best Value Car Polish in 2024.

Sizes available: 8.45 fl. oz, 16.9 fl. oz, 33.8 fl. oz. RRP: $23.95, buy now / £13.95, buy now.