Drying towels are an important aspect of your car detailing. An absorbent towel will allow you to dry the car in one go, without the need for multiple towels. Believe it or not, some are far better equipped at doing the job. And one such towel which aims to be the best on the market is the Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL drying towel. So how good is it?

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How I Tested Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL

I detail my car regularly, so after one session I used the Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL to dry it. When evaluating its performance, I checked to see how much water it absorbed on the first pass. After this, I noted how much moisture remained on the panel. Then, I finished drying the car to see what sort of end result you could expect from the Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL. Weight and ease of use were other factors worthy of assessment too.

Editor’s Note:

Having been an editor of various BMW magazines for many years, Elizabeth is a trusted voice within the car community. She’s also well-versed in car detailing, so these are the opinions of somebody you can trust.

Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL drying towel review

First Impressions

The Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL is a lovely towel. It’s big, it’s very soft and very plush. This is what you like to see in a drying towel, and it immediately fills you with confidence that this will be a good drying towel. And while the pile is short compared to some other drying towels, it’s very dense. Also, It feels lovely to the touch, the quality is good, and it looks nice, too.


The Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL measures a hefty 37×22”. That definitely puts it up there with the biggest drying towels I’ve tried. It features a super-soft and super-plush 1200gsm microfiber pile. Auto Finesse doesn’t mention the blend construction, but I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t 70/30.

Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL drying towel testing

What’s It Like To Use Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL

The Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL is a superb drying towel. It has everything you want to make drying quick, easy and efficient. Its sheer size means it will effortlessly tackle the largest of cars with ease. It’s so soft and plush that you know your paintwork will be safe under its delicate microfiber caress. Also, the Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL is super-absorbent and sucks up water like a champ. Above all, this towel pleasure to dry with and just keeps on going, even once it starts getting very wet.

The Verdict

The Auto Finesse Aqua Deluxe XL is such a nice towel. Big, super-soft, ultra-plush, all the things you want from a towel. It dries really well and feels great to use. This is a very easy drying towel to recommend, and one that deserves to be in your car-cleaning collection.

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