Graphene is the latest buzzword when it comes to paint protection in car wax. Adam’s has produced its Graphene Liquid Wax, delivering graphene protection in an easy-to-apply form. But is it any good? I give it a hands-on test.

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Applying Adam's Graphene Liquid Wax

How I tested Adam’s Graphene Liquid Wax

Putting my trusty sunroof test panel to use, I first washed it with pure shampoo. I then used Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound to get the surface ready ahead of waxing. CarPro Eraser was then applied to remove any oils from the surface. A gloss meter was used to take an initial average gloss reading from the test section. I then applied Adam’s Graphene Liquid Wax according to the instructions and allowed it to cure. Finally, the wax was buffed off, before the gloss readings were taken once more, and then I observed the water behaviour.

What Adam’s says

According to Adam’s, Graphene Liquid Wax is designed to refresh and rejuvenate paintwork. At the same time, it utilizes the same reduced graphene-oxide ceramic resins as Graphene Ceramic Coating and Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating. These resins seal the surface and make the vehicle more maintenance-friendly. Adam’s promises an easy on, easy off application, and says that Graphene Liquid Wax fills minor imperfections, swirls, and removes light oxidation. Finally, it offers 4-6 months of protection and comes with a Key Lime scent. Based on that, I want to see good gloss and a nice slick surface, and I want it to be easy to use.

What it’s like to use Adam’s Graphene Liquid Wax

Adam’s Graphene Liquid Wax certainly impressed me in terms of application. It promised an easy-on, easy-off experience, and it delivered. This wax spreads for miles, meaning you only need a small amount on your applicator to cover a large area of bodywork. It is also very easy to remove, which makes your life that much easier when you’re waxing a whole car. Top marks for the user experience, then.

After application, the surface felt incredibly slick, which is what you want from a wax, with my gloss meter sliding all over the place, a good sign. While the gloss increase was small compared with that offered by paint correction, an increase is still an increase. And no doubt its filling and mild correction properties helped on that front. However, I was very disappointed in Graphene Liquid Wax’s water behaviour. Considering its surface slickness, I was expecting water to launch itself off the test panel, but not so. There was very little beading, while sheeting was slow, and I was expecting a lot more from it in that regard.

Adam's Graphene Liquid Wax results

Gloss meter readings and verdict

  • Gloss before: 87.7
  • Gloss after: 88.9
  • Gloss change: +1.2

Adam’s Graphene Liquid Wax is a strong performer. It’s great to use, and a real joy to work with both in terms of application and removal. The fact that it also fills and corrects paintwork makes it especially impressive, and makes it more than just another wax. The gloss boost and surface slickness were also very impressive. Just about the only disappointing aspect of this wax is its water behaviour. But that aside, I like Adam’s Graphene Liquid Wax a lot.