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Zircoflex Heat Shielding

Zircoflex Heat Shielding

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 23rd January 2014

Zircoflex Heat Shielding

Zircotec are world renowned for their ground-breaking work in the field of heat shielding and thermal insulation coatings.

Used in just about every aspect of motorsport, including F1, NASCAR, Le Mans and the WRC, they’re definitely the people at the top of the tree when it comes to professional heat management.

Their newest product though is one for us mere mortals, and offers cheap and effective ceramic heat shielding in easy-to-apply, self-adhesive sheets.

ZircoFlex comes in three different thicknesses, can be cut and fitted by hand and is perfect for protecting crucial components in your engine bay, bodywork, and insulating exhaust silencers.

And for proper F1 technology it’s not what you’d call mega expensive either. We like!

Priced from £20

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