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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 8th December 2017

You know those rather annoying hoverboard thingies you see hipsters and yuppies whizzing around on? Well, instead of wishing it was legal to punch them in the mush on the way past, why not suggest they get themselves one of these and have some real fun?

This universal fitment, erm, cart type-thing converts all powerboards into a lever-controlled street racer, perfect for upsetting the neighbours even more.

Complete with a racy bucket seat and front caster for easy manoeuvrability, they say this item quickly changes the sensation to a whole new, rather more hardcore, experience.

Drifting around with your nuts two inches from the tarmac, we’re not surprised at that either. We definitely want one. In fact, make that two so we can have a race!

For more info see Zinc Sports