ZCW Rave wheels
You’ve got to take your hats off to the bods at ZCW wheels because they not only make some of the finest quality wheels on the market, but they punt ’em out at simply unbelievable prices too.

This modern twist on a classic design is right up our street too and, judging by the PCD and size options they’re aimed firmly at the German contingent.

Perfect for later Golfs, mid-sized Beemers and the odd Audi we can’t help being impressed and, for the money, we can see this becoming one of their most popular styles ever.

The name Rave may be a nod at the old skool design, but luckily there’s not a white glove, whistle or acid face t-shirt in sight… anybody got any Veras? Luuuuvvvvly!

Price £400 a set

For more info see ZCW