ZCW punk snoop alloy wheels

The boys at ZCW Wheels are smashing it Big Willy style at the moment and two of their freshest designs can be seen right here with the lovely, and extremely tiny Em-Louise.

Yes chimpos, the five-spoke Punk and multi-spoke Snoop may look remarkably massive on our doorstep because of the small stature of our girlie, but they’re actually only 8x18s.

These super-slick hoops (which are also available in 7.5×17 for the Punk and 8.5×19 for the Snoop) should be perfect for all you with mid-size and larger motors.

Anyway, they come in most five-stud applications with offsets ranging between 38-45mm.

We just lurrrrve the funky matt and gloss black finishes too and how about that trick diamond cutting? Nice work ZCW, very nice work!

Priced from £POA

For more info see ZCW