XS Power 50mm BOV
The humble atmospheric dump valve is a modifying staple. These little marvels of moddingdom are famous in the forced induction community for enabling excess boost pressure to be vented, keeping your turbo spooling and, much more importantly, blasting out that addictive ‘yes everyone I have a monster turbo’ pschhhhssst sound every time you let off the throttle.

There’s plenty out there, for all sorts of applications, but there aren’t many quite as impressive as these freakin’ crazy 50mm jobs, from Yank tuning gods, XS Power.  It has to be said these particular items are absolutely mahoosive, easily some of the biggest we’ve ever seen here at FC.

Suffice to say the feint hearted need not apply, because, like everything from the US, subtly isn’t exactly their strong point! Put together strictly for seriously tuned applications and complete with a selection of springs, gaskets and a flange adaptor that can be custom welded to any hard-pipe.

We reckon one of these should be more than enough to scare the living shite out of your neighbours, and their neighbours, and just about anyone else in a 40-mile radius. At just 60-nicker including international shipping it’s just rude not to. Lovely!

Price £60

For more info see XS Power