The classic five-spoker has been a modding staple for decades now, and that’s probably because they’ll suit just about anything you care to bolt them to. It’s just one of those designs that never seems to go out of fashion, and long may their reign continue.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with slightly fettling the idea of course, and we’re liking this new twist on an age-old concept from Wolfrace. With a slab-spoked, concave face that includes cutouts and polished (or gloss black) detailing, the new Stuttgart (not to be confused with the old mesh-style Wolfrace Stuttgart) is undoubtedly one of the most unique fi ve-spoke wheels on the market right now.

The bits they’ve chopped out of the spokes should aid cooling and offer a small weight reduction too, and the fact those chunky spokes also extend to the very edge of the lip makes them look absolutely massive! Then again, they do come in some pretty mahoosive sizes too, including an utterly bonkers 10.5×22-incher.

Luckily though, the prices are spot on. Starting at 147 quid for the 8.5×18-inch version, we think that offers some serious value.

As for the rest? Well, you’ve got to love the range of finishes, and that they’re weight loaded for use on larger 4x4s and commercials. Perhaps most importantly though, they’ve had the foresight to cast them as ‘blanks’, making them ready to drill for just about any fi ve-stud PCD out there. There’s even a provision for the larger patterns, including the fabled 5×130 PCD catering for those German sportscars also associated with Stuttgart. Handy that.

Priced from £147

For more info see Wolfrace