The guys at White Label Wheels may be brand-new to the UK but what they’re offering here is simply unbeatable value.

In fact, we had to look twice at the price because 375-nicker doesn’t just bag you one glorious-looking rim, as we first thought – you can have all four for that. Lovely frickin’ jubbly!

It’s always nice to see any classically-designed 15-inchers come onto the market, especially those of the staggered variety. While we have been absolutely inundated with awesome-looking hoops that are 18-inches and above over the last few years, the variety of new smaller offerings seems to have dropped significantly.

We realise of course, that the majority of modern cars take large wheels, but many forget that there’s still plenty of smaller modified weapons out there that need something fresh too.

Not only do these fill a small gap in the market, but they could fill a small gap in your arches… without leaving a huge gap in your wallet. Top notch.

Sizes: 7×15, 8.5×15
Offset: ET25-35
PCDs 4×100, 4×114
Finishes: Polished face

Priced from £375 (a set)

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