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Wheel Whores Detailing Kit

Wheel Whores Detailing Kit

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 17th December 2012

wheel whores detailing cleaning products

It looks like the boys at Wheel Whores are branching out. Not only are they officially the world’s biggest experts in the very finest wheels, but now they’ve developed a detailing range to sit alongside their other lifestyle products on the plateau of scene awesomeness.

Treat your rims to a top quality, bubblegum flavoured Mild Detoxing Cleaner, a Heavy Hitting cleaner or Premium Wheel Wax, safe in the knowledge they’re tested by true wheel fans.

Officially endorsed by Rotiform, and formulated by the men with PHDs, white coats and beards at Kleen Freaks specifically to keep yours in tip-top condition. Lavvvly.

Priced from £11

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