FN2 Civic Type R

Weitec HICON GT Coilovers  for FN2 Civic Type-R (2007-2010)

Since its launch back in 1997, Honda’s Civic Type-R has set the standard for performance hot-hatchbacks thanks to the combination of a high-revving, naturally aspirated engine mated to a lightweight, stiffened chassis from the factory.

But part of the Type-R’s charm is just how well it responds to modifications, and despite being larger and heavier than its predecessors the latest FN2 Type-R model still has plenty of potential when upgraded with a proper coilover system.

Manufactured by KW in Germany, the Weitec HICON GT coilover features individual lowering along with sporty pre-set damping rates allowing you to select your desired driving height and instantly enjoy the benefits!

FN2 Civic Type R

Each coilover is built to meet the strict German TUV standard of lowering to ensure maximum quality and longevity in ALL driving conditions.

The Weitec HICON GT allows your car to be adjusted to its lowest setting without compromising its drivability and safety thanks to the use of built-in bumper stops, helper springs and shorter piston rods.

In addition to this, each coilover features galvanized strut housing for corrosion prevention as well as dust protection covers.

Once fitted the Weitec GT coilover allows the front and rear axles to be lowered between 0-30mm, greatly improving the overall look and stance of the FN2 Civic Type-R.

Price £788

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