VW Golf Mk5/Mk6 platform Air Lift Performance Suspension Kit

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The art of air-ride is something that the guys over at Air Lift Performance in Lansing, Michigan have got completely locked down.

These guys have been in the game since 1949 and there’s nobody in the industry with more experience. That means you can 100-percent trust the Air Lift name.

But what are their products like? Well, you only have to take a look at the amount of cars running Air Lift gear, not to mention the big grins on the driver’s faces, to know that their performance products work.

This kit for the Golf Mk5 and Mk6 platform is a whole new level of awesome, though. If you have the mechanical minerals to swap suspension, and the basic wiring knowledge to install, say, an audio amplifier, then the Air Lift plug and play kit can be easily installed at home in your garage or even on the driveway.

Once fitted, you can achieve a drop of up to 147mm or 5.8-inches in American money! That’s pretty insane. Best of all are the performance gains courtesy of the superb 30-way on-car damping adjustment.

So at the touch of a button, you can raise your car to go over speed bumps or rough roads and then when you park up, you can ‘air-out’ for the ultimate awesome look.

This threaded body, bag-over style air strut system offers insane amounts of adjustability to ensure you can get your car riding exactly how you want.

We can’t wait to do an install feature on one of our own cars and show you how simple this product is to fit. Excited!

Price £POA

For more info see Air Lift