Here’s one that’s currently annoying the shizzle out of all the other speaker manufacturers. The new SLICK range from VIBE Audio. They certainly got the name right here too.

We’ve seen quite a few reviews over the past few weeks where they’re smashing the competition in terms of performance and sound quality. We’re not talking about ‘equivalent’ speakers either. We’ve seen them go toe to toe (and win) with units over double the price!

The range includes four coaxial setups (4, 5.25, 6.5 and 5.25×7.5-inch), two Components (5.25 and 6.5-inch) and some whopping, 480-watt Triaxial 6x9s.

They start at 40 quid and even the most expensive items are only 90 nicker a pop. What’s more, with a super-light composite cone, foam surrounds and a perfectly balanced voice coil, they certainly punch well above their weight.

But the secret weapon has to be the 40 or 50mm oversized tweeters in the coaxials, and the 25mm silk dome tweeters in the components, all designed to deliver exceptional sound quality.

All in all, we reckon these could be our SQ bargain of the year.

Priced from £40

For more info see VIBE Audio