Vanguard Performance are revered in the US for manufacturing some of the world’s finest hand-crafted upgrades for a host of luxury German motors, perhaps most famously for the more modern turbocharged BMWs.

Think of them as a kind of high-end automotive jewellers. They don’t make many products, but they’re the place to go in California when you desire only the best of the best in bolt-on tuning for your Beemer.

And this super-sexy titanium exhaust shows exactly what they’re all about. Available for all incarnations of the 335i since 2007 (that’s E90/E91/E92/E93 with either N54 or N55 engine setups) this lightweight item of loveliness is easily one of the most stunning systems for any car on the street right now.

In terms of build-quality and finish it’s certainly up there with other such modern marvels as the Bugatti Chiron, London’s Shard and Margot Robbie’s mush.

It’s not cheap of course, but this kind perfection rarely is. If you’ve got the big, bad blown-Beemer, not to mention some deep pockets for modifying purposes, you can get yours here in the UK at BMW maestros M-Style.

Price £1,895

For more info see M Style