HID light bulbs
The thing about headlights is it’s a good idea if they work but it’s even betterer if they work really well. That way you might actually see that old duffer in his Daewoo Matiz as he pulls out in front of you with no bastard lights on.

Anyway, whether you’ve got a Japanese motor plagued by the all-too-common dimness or you just fancy a posh upgrade these xenon conversion HID (High Intensity Discharge) kits from Ultra Auto Design should be right up your street.

Available to fit most common vehicles, they’re installed in a matter of minutes kicking out light around 3-times brighter than stock halogen bulbs to give a massive improvement in visibility and safety. Blinding!

From £122

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HID Bulbs
These use gasses rather than conventional filaments to create a massive light output. Ultra can supply bulbs ranging anywhere between 4300k to 12000k. Basically the higher the Kelvin (K) of the kit, the bluer the light output is. As the Kelvin increases the colours range from yellow through white to blue and, at the extreme end, purple. The ideal driving range from a HID kit is between 6000K and 8000K, which is the closest to natural sunlight.