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Ultra Racing Chassis Braces

Ultra Racing Chassis Braces

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 4th January 2013

ultra racing chassis bracesWhen it comes to beefing up your chassis, nothing sorts that handling like getting it all super-stiff, and there’s where the Malaysian chassis-tuning gods at Ultra Racing come in.

Traditionally their huge, and when I say huge, I mean absolutely massive, range of bracing bars and accessories have been a bit of a bugger to get hold of in the UK. But the good news is POTN is now bringing in the lot, lock stock and barrel.

All their distinctive one-piece, hollow tube parts are race proven, and they stock just about everything from strut braces to inner fender bars, plus everything else in between.

In fact, they’ve got a reputation not unlike Amsterdam – no matter how hardcore you like it, you’ll find a bar for everything. You’ll soon be stiff like a good’ un!

Priced from £27

For more info see POTN