If you’re a turbo VAG fan without an inner five-year-old who just loves the whoooooscccht of a proper dumper, cheer up mate, you may just be taking life a little too seriously!

Still, if your soul is devoid of all mischief, don’t worry, these new BOVs from Turbosmart are also available in a ‘re-circ’ configuration for the more restrained setups out there too.

What’s most important here is that these Electro-mechanical items are the world’s first truly plug-and-play BOVs for VAG motors.

They also won the Best New Performance-Street Product at SEMA, chiefly because they’re designed as a direct replacement for the stock item, and work without interfering with any manufacturer control systems.

This means there are no hoses, brackets or adaptors to worry about, and they won’t throw up the dreaded ‘60-nicker-to-clear’ check light either.

There are performance benefits too of course. They respond 57-times faster than the blink of an eye, and offer a 400-percent reduction in the common boost leak caused by the standard items.

And yes, of course those are exactly the reasons why us sensible FC chaps want one (er, honest).

Priced from £198

For more info see Turbo Smart