TSW Interlagos

When it comes to wheel giants, TSW certainly don’t do things by half. Just take a look at their new kid on the block; the classically designed and perfectly formed TSW Interlagos.

Intent on upping the game, this 9-spoke beauty is not only rotary forged, which basically means it’s right next to God on the scale of thermonuclear awesomeness.

But it’s available in an incredible 23 different sizes, 7 stud patterns and 2 finishes including silver with a mirror-cut face (as pictured) and, our personal favourite, matt black.

In short, if you’ve got a car, just about any car that happens to have 5-studs, you’ll be able to find a set that fits to absolute perfection.

When you consider the uber-expensive forging process and the fact that a 7.5×17-incher weighs in at a super-lightweight (and thoroughly performance-enhancing) 7.6kg, the price is pretty bob-on too.

Once again top hoop manufacturing shenanigans from the mighty TSW, and we hear there’s plenty more to come by the end of the year!

Priced from £270 (EACH)

For more info see TSW Wheels

7.5×17, 8×17, 9×17, 7.5×18, 8×18, 8.5×18, 9×18, 9.5×18, 10.5×18, 8×19, 8.5×19, 9×19, 9.5×19, 10.5×19, 8.5×20, 9×20, 9.5×20, 10×20, 10.5×20, 9×22, 10×22, 20.5×22 and 11×22–inch. 5×100, 5×112, 5×114, 5×114.3, 5×120, 5×120.65 and 5×130.