TPI VAG Adapters

With the exception of the internal combustion engine and the horseless carriage, there’s only two things in the motoring world older than our Initial G – the VW Beetle and people wanting to put Porsche Rims on VAG motors.

Still, there’s a good reason for the latter and that’s because this particular classic combo has always and will always look awesome.

With that in mind, it’s good news this month for all you late-model VAG owners hankering after this old skool conversion, because TPI are now stocking a brand-new 25mm adaptor to do the job on the newer 5×112 PCD saloons and hatches.

Impeccably engineered and immaculately finished, these top-quality items will keep this legendary mod hitting the streets long into the future. Respect!

Price £99 (a pair)

For more info see Taper Pro