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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 23rd February 2018

What we’ve got here is a simple but jaw droppingly sexy mod from the wheel fitment masters at Taper Pro.

You know how many modern cars, especially those of the VAG and BMW variety, use wheel bolts instead of nuts?

Well, anyone who’s ever tried to fit a big heavy rim to these on their own can appreciate how much of a bastard it can be to make everything line up before you bang the bolts in.

These polarised nut kits are designed to take away the hassle by converting the hub to a more traditional stud and nut setup like you’d see on a Ford, Nissan or Subaru.

Fitting is dead simple, just screw in the studs with the special socket provided, slide on the wheel and then torque up those sweet looking nuts for some race-car style perfection.

It’s true, we’ve seen similar products before but never have they looked so good (or safe for that matter) as these heat-treated and TUV approved items.

Whether it’s a practical solution for ease of fitment during lightning-quick wheel changes or just to give your hoops an added hardcore race flavour, you just can’t go wrong with these.



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